School Chaplain Grange Community College


Grange Community College has a full time Catholic Chaplain.  As a multi denominational school Grange CC welcomes students of all religions and none.

The principle role of the school chaplain is to support the school community in a pastoral capacity.

At some point in our lives all of us need some kind of support. The chaplain provides an open-door whereby all members of the school community can receive support in a confidential and safe way.

The chaplain also works closely with the religion department and seeks to promote the spiritual aspects of this programme through meditation, school retreats, organising guest speakers and general teaching.

Activities undertaken by the Chaplain include:

  • One to One student support
  • Religion Teaching
  • Liturgy celebration
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Charity and outreach involvement
  • Maintaining Parish links
  • Promote student well being
  • Care team member
  • Mindfulness and mediation
  • Mark and celebrate major feasts and seasons of the church year


Please feel free to contact our School Chaplain at

Phone 01-8471422 Ext 111 and ask for Laura McCarthy