First Year Students get to speak ‘live’ to real scientists out in the North Atlantic Ocean

Friday 28th of September will be etched in the memories of some of our first years as they got to observe real science in action. Today’s science lesson was a real STEM, apologies, ‘Gem’. Following on from that winning entry to name one of the seismometers , Grange Community College students got to witness their entry ‘Gill’ being deployed out in the North Atlantic Ocean. Please click image map to view the coverage of the 18 seismometers. Science couldn’t have gotten anymore real then Grange Community College having to host a live stream, connecting students to scientists and engineers on the ship RV Celtic Explorer thanks to the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies and the project SEA-SEISS

We were treated to an introductory background to the project. Part of the study is to map out the sea bed for tectonic movements around the coast of Ireland and to investigate if this had any affect in the creation of Iceland.

Our students got time to introduce themselves and ask science questions directed to the following  team members on the ship.

Raffaele Bonadio

Bruna Chagas de Melo

Janneke de Laat

Sergei Lebedev (DIAS), Principal Investigator

Please feel free to watch film footage of the day.

  1. Researcher Ms Bruna Chagas de Melo discusses project SEA-SEISS
  2. Meet the team of project SEA-SEISS
  3. Filming of the seismometer ‘Gill’ as it is lowered into the North Atlantic Ocean for deployment and to record data measurements.